Thursday, October 30, 2008

So silly!

I just had to add another anal quality to my list...

"You know you're a perfectionist when... "

~ You have to trace the ballot bubbles perfectly and fill them in evenly and precisely every.single.time.


It probably took me longer to make my ovals perfect on the voter's ballot than it did to figure out what my votes would be.

;~D christa jean


April said...

You are to cute! however this did bring back memories of when I was taking tests in school and would have to fill in all those little ovals with the pencil. I was always more worried about filling them in perfect, then I was my grade :)

Youthful One said...

How come you're not posting about your news?

There was something on the radio today about being a perfectionist (about the sin it is?), but I missed it. I had to grocery shop - I think the preacher was Charles Stanley. Sure got my curiosity up. If I find it online I'll let you know. Not that you are looking for any preacher to call you a sinner... LOL! I think he was offering some suggestion for being saved from perfectionism.

Mica said...

ditto. brings back memories too. Hope you and your family have a safe holiday. So nice to hear from you once again. You are in my thoughts. talk soon. Blessings, Mica

Sustainable Juice said...

you know, I do the same thing. I take 10 times as long as Gunnar in filling out the ballot because of this.But mine is prettier.

SuperDave said...

Ok, i am NOT a perfecionisd. But I did notice that your friends seem to be. If you ever want to run willy nilly, I will try to make my shoes match, maybe.

Jenny Kay said...

OMGOSH Christa! I was obsessed with thoes bubbles! I think it's from years of taking standardized tests in school. I was looking at my husbands bubbles and thinking how his might not be counted because they were not perfect!

Nette's Treasures said...

LOL! Being a self institiutionalized perfectionist (not really but sometimes I wonder if I should be then I trip over my own foot. ;))... I completely empathize with you. :)

I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. :)I hope that you have a wonderful day. :)
as my momma always says " keep a song in your heart, a dance at your feet and a smile on your face because You make this world a better place. Be encouraged knowing God made you for this time and place with purpose and love." :) PS.. congrats on the new sweets in your tummy only 55 days Wahoo! :)