Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who can it be?

Wow! What happened to 10 am!!!
It's a beautiful, sunny Saturday and my head is in the clouds.
That, and I rushed out at 8 am this morning to have a hair boo boo fixed... have I told you before that I'm silly that way?

You seven have been waiting so patiently, and now for the reveal!

I had my trusty assistant (my 6 year old) draw a number out of the hat and she drew number...

7 !!!!!!!!!

Seven is a great number! Seven is the number of God. Seven is the day my baby boy was born.

Seven is Anonymous (aka Tawnie). Yay!!!

Thanks for playing and for looking at my sister's shop and for you sweet person who bought something too. You guys are the best!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My favorites are the Golden glass drops. Lovely! They are all lovely and you are both sooooo talented! Yes Danielle is gorgeous in that pic. Breathtaking.

Heather Susuras