Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I would have to say that decorating is on my "top five" list of things I love.
That list would probably look something like this:

1. God
2. Husband
3. Family
4. Decorating
5. Baths

Hmm... there's no room for sushi in that list. Or friends. Or sushi with friends. Might have to tweak it a bit.

Anyhoo, here's a few more pics for ya! You could call this our "New House Tour."

{The Master Bedroom}
This mirror used to be gold, but I have a secret (or not so) love affair with spray paint and couldn't resist. I think the new dark teal colour is fabulous. Of course, the picture doesn't show the true colour. It looks black.

The bed. I guess I like throw pillows, because every chair and empty surface in my house has a pillow on it. The pillows on the bed are not complete yet. Mainly because I found what I thought to be a set of king sized shams at Ross. When I got them home, it was one sham. What a shame! I really like that sham! It was on clearance, so I called back at the store to try and locate the match. Nada. Tried another Ross nearby. Nada. Commenced searching online. Nada yet. But I will persist. I know it's kinda silly, but I just want one room to be finished! I did score on the shiny pillows in the foreground. I found two of those pretties at the GW for six bucks each. They still had the "Linens and Things" price tag on them. Can you believe they were marked at $39.99?

I've had my eye on these velvet shades at IKEA for a while now. Wasn't planning to buy orange. Wasn't about to pay thirty dollars for them either! But last visit to IKEA yielded great reward. We had a credit there and were able to get a few things. These shades had been clearanced down to $15! The orange ones wanted me to take them home, so, I snatched em right up.

This goofy fake palm tree has traveled from house to house with us. We shuffle it from room to room, hoping it will fit somewhere... but it may be time to say goodbye. Sniff.

The baby snuck into this photo. Love him!

This pillow is another score from the GW and, at first I thought it was UGLY. It kinda looks like someone's macrame' project from the 7o's. I tried to walk away, but I couldn't escape it. Now, in my room, it reminds me of the sun rising.

The seven year old (WHA?!) snuck into this photo. She is never far from the baby.

{The Living Room, Part 2}
My living room is slowly but surely feeling more put together. This arrangement is directly facing the front door. We painted the table and mirror to match. I had intended to hang that plastic chandelier in the girls room in our last house, but never did it. It had pink "crystals." I decided to unstring the pink crystals and spray paint them the same dark teal/peacock colour that I used in my room.

Dried hydrangeas from my Mom's yard. Glittery pumpkin from a sweet friend. I like bling!

A closer look. Again, the photo is not showing the true teal colour. Humpf!

Another sweet deal from IKEA... the rug. It was on clearance also, and for its size, it was a fabulous price. See the new pillows on the couch? They are actually a midnight blue and ONLY five bucks! I love deals! And pillows! We sold the blue swivel chairs and just threw some faux fur over some old wooden chairs from my grandparents. Not the most comfortable, but will do for now.

Pretty rug.

Another girlie snuck into my photo. This one has dimples! The silhouette in the background is my seven year old again. I love that she has stepped up and is now my dish washer!

I really debated about the rug because of this patterned loveseat. But after a day of doubting my creative eye, I decided I was gonna just go with it! Be bold! The colours are almost the same and the patterns complement each other. The pillow was made by my sweet sewing sis and I LOVE it! That mix of patterns is perfect, in my opinion. Pair a floral or organic pattern with stripes. It always looks good. In one of my design magazines recently, I read that every room should have one spot of black. Hmm... the black glitter pumpkin and my stripey pillow will do.

Thanks for joining me for another tour!

~christa jean


The Everett Family said...

Your house is so pretty! Your decorating is thoughtful and well put together, but it is also light and playful. You created a house of happiness! Wish I could pop in for a cozy cup of coffee.

Danielle Renee said...

I must more more money so you can decorate my place!
You are truly talented in this area.