Saturday, July 7, 2012

7 Ways To Add Gold Glam To Your Space!

All that glitters...

You know the words!


Remember back to this project?

I threw some gold glitter + sand in a hurricane candle holder, and stuck a candle in it. Easy as pie!

Well, that was the tiny snowball that started an avalanche.
Since then, I have gone just a little ga ga for gold.

So, here are they are, in no particular order...

7 Ways To Add Gold Glam To Your Space!

1. Add some simple yet snazzy gold accessories.

You just need a few pieces to add some glam.

This is an arrangement by "Paint the Runway" See how easy it is? She added a gold leaf to a stack of books, with a painting (one of her fabulous paintings!) and in a matter of minutes, has a beautiful set up.

Don't have any gold accessories? Then...

2. Go spray paint something!

I really love to spray paint. I mean REALLY. In fact, I think I have an addiction could spray paint everyday.
Is there a group for that?

"Hello, my name is Christa... "

You can grab almost anything around the house and change it up with some spray paint.

Here is the primer I like to use for most of my projects. It will even adhere to plastic! It is always a good idea to rough up the surface of your item with some sand paper before spraying.

I chose this gold paint because the lady at Home Depot said it was the shiniest gold they carried. I was pleased!

Then I found an old candle holder that I've been saving for a rainy day and got down to business.



After... Now a lovely golden glow!

I was a spray painting fiend that day and found a few more things to spray...

Before... a black jewelry hanger from IKEA.


I had this cute little tray that was unfinished wood, very nice for a more beachy look, but I wanted to add a punch of glamour instead.

I added some adhesive chevron craft paper to the inside and now it's so pretty!

3. Find furniture that you can update easily (with spray paint, of course).

We found this coffee table on Craigslist and loved it. It even spins like a large lazy susan (why are they even called that?). Oops, I forgot to take before pics of when it was just bamboo coloured.

Spray painting tip: When painting larger items, use an attachment like this spray paint gun. Then your finger won't freeze in place or feel like it's falling off. You can purchase these at any hardware store.

4. Recovering furniture is easy!

If you make someone else do it that is, ha ha ha.

These are my dining room chairs. They are old and stained. I have been married for almost thirteen years now and have been meaning to recover them for, oh, twelve and a half years.

Dear Hubby happened upon a very large roll of vinyl in his parents garage. It came with their house. No one had any designs to use it and guess what colour it was, GOLD! I didn't want to see it go to waste, so we lugged it over to our garage.

One day, while I was gone, dear Hubby covered the old, ugly, blue, stained, velvet seat cushions. I'd say he did a stellar job, for having never done this before. The vinyl wasn't the easiest to pull around the corners.
Now they are like, SHAZAAM, especially in my jade coloured dining room! And, I can just wash those puppies down. Why did we wait!

5. Get creative with some paint.

I like to get crafty, I like Martha Stewart, and I like to paint. So, naturally, Martha Stewart craft supplies get tested by me.

I have canvases lying around for when the inspiration grabs me. I decided to print out some block leters to use as a template for this LOVE painting.

I almost like it just with the black and white. I traced the letters I had cut out and got to painting. I used a small paintbrush for the corners and edges and then filled in the large areas with a 1 inch Purdy (my fave).

The "O" looks red, but it is really hot pink. I wish you could actually see the glitter, but I "LOVE" how it turned out!

6. Upcycle some thrifted items.

One can never have too many pillows, right? I tend to buy pillows a lot. Even if you don't know how to sew, you can do an easy transformation with some fabric, safety pins and rubber bands.

An old, obviously handmade (not in a nice way) gold sequin dress will become the covering for this pillow.

Blang! Isn't she lovely? Yup, that was all done with safety pins and rubber bands. Now, if your kiddos are gonna pillow fight with this, it obviously won't hold together. But, for a quick fix, it works! And, it only cost about $8.

Now where to put her...

I have fabric left over, and lots of options.

7. Add some hints of gold into your personal style.

The gold contagion has even spilled over into my wardrobe. The last few trips to the GW were successful.

I might have glitter in my veins.

Here is a sneak peek at our Master Bedroom in which a project is being started on, hopefully this weekend. It will be edgy and glamorous and probably gold. I can't wait to show you!

Maybe in 2 years when the gold phase has fizzled out and trends are changing, I'll be adding silver in instead. All I'll have to do is break out the spray paint, add some new accessories, and I won't be breaking the bank.

I hope you have found some inspiration here. You can update just a few things in your home for very little cost and make your space look glamorous!

~ christa jean ~


The Everett Family said...
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The Everett Family said...

Cute! Your work is inspiring! Love everything you're doing!

Meme said...

I love your projects!!! Your bedroom border inspired me to work on my bedroom! I'm hoping to use your example and have it be fabulous!!

Megan said...

Beautiful... trying to get more creative with spray paint over here. You inspire me to just dive in and DO IT!

ginanorma said...

Wow you are like martha stewart, I love it! Amazing Christa!!!