Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days: Learning to Just BE... In Him {Day 4}

For ten years now, I have held an image in my head of the kind of mother I'd like to BE.
I have failed that image so many times.

Even right now, I feel the weight of those failures. Shame.
But, I can pick out whose voice I am listening to in this moment. The Accuser sometimes sounds like a broken record, saying the same things to me, hoping that I'd believe it again.

Yes, I've tried to be SuperMom and ended up SuperMad. Hahaha.

{These vitamins are actually Super helpful, if only I could gag down the huge pills!}

The kind of mother I really, really, REALLY want to be? Is Joy-full.
Full to overflowing.

Abiding may just be one of the keys to unlock that door labeled "Joy Unspeakable Forevermore."

To Abide:
~ To remain in a place.
~ To continue to be sure or firm; endure.
~ To dwell or sojourn.
~ To remain faithful (to)
~ To abide by your promise
~ To remain or continue
~ To await in expectation

The more I saturate (can you tell I like that word? I like it because I can "see" it, dripping with goodness) in Him, the more I become like Him.

When it feels, that in me, there is no good thing? Then, in Him, I can find all that I need.

I leave you with a free printable from"Confessions of a Homeschooler" that I absolutely love. Of course, you can't actually READ it here on my blog, but you can go HERE to download it for your printing pleasure. Go now!

~ christa jean ~
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Laci Burton said...

Gorgeous transparency! I'm happy you said yes to 31 days and even happier still that I was drawn by your catch phrase. It's a beautiful thing to find other women desperate for God's truth. I will be following you for sure and I totally get the being known, acknowledged and seen. I believe its that need for community and connection, knowing that we are not out here on our own and that we are only valued by Jesus.