Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days: Learning to Just BE... JoyFULL {Day 15}

It was a rotten day.
Let me re-phrase that.
I was rotten all day.

I made my children cry a lot. I made them clean a lot. I was not nice.
I see this tendency toward clean-aholicism and I do not want it. I have given my children the impression that the most important thing to me is having a clean house.
I really do like having a clean house, and I would like to help my kiddos into good habits when they are young, but so far, I have gone to the wrong extreme.

{got some simple cleaning tips from this mom}

However, I can say that, I didn't stay rotten all day. By evening, I had confessed to 6 different people my sins and mistakes from the day. Three, being my daughters.

I see how God turns all things to work toward His good in us.
One of my daughters asked my forgiveness for a rude tone of voice (unprompted, I might add!) and I was thankful for repentance and restoration.

I may not have been an example of love and joy, but, I darn well was an example of repentance and brokenness.

What really matters is His presence being FULL in this house. That is what I want for my children, for them to be FILLED with Him.

On days like this, I cling to a promise given to me by a prophet three years ago...

"And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD;
and great shall be the peace of thy children."
{Isaiah 54:13}
Yes, and amen.
~ christa jean ~

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Anonymous said...

enjoying your blog, all the gritty good and bad. The verse going around in my head is: What man means for evil, God means for good. I'm waiting for the good to be revealed here in our situation.